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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you the client, should be asking every service provider before project approval. 

Does your company carry both General Liability and workman’s compensation insurance?
  • Yes. We can provide our Certificate of General Liability and Workmens Compensation Insurance upon request.

How long have your employees been employed with you?
  • Simply put our employees are team members. Most of which will be with us for long periods of time. There are a few things we do well to help promote our team members success.

  • We have a family culture and treat them as family members.

  • We provide all their necessary Proper Protective Equipment to ensure their safety throughout their job duties. We also provide them with a new pair of safety boots at no cost to them each year in an effort to help keep them safe and comfortable while on the job site. 

  • We emphasize and utilize training/learning sessions to help them succeed with us, and in any future ventures in they may want to take in the green industry.

Have you completed work in this neighborhood?
  • We complete work all over Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont county. We spend most of our time in Wyoming, Glendale, Blue Ash, Evendale, Springdale, and Sharonville.

How long have you been in business?
  • RLL was founded in 2021 by Chris Reisenberg after leaving a 12 year career with one of the largest commercial landscape companies in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Chris has been in the green industry since starting during high school as a seasonal worker with the City of Springdale. Chris has worked in every role in the industry from Laborer, Crew Lead, Operations Management, Account Management, and now onto Business Owner.

Do you subcontract any services to a third party?
  • We prefer not too. Should it benefit the client to sub contract a portion of the project out we certainly can. We can also refer clients to reputable Plumbers, Electricians, Deck Builders, and Concrete contractors if necessary.

Do You Maintain a Schedule?
  • We do maintain a schedule and keep clients on the schedule abreast of any changes due to weather delays as much as possible.

What are your employees qualifications?
  • Our team members go through countless hours of training each year from conferences, trade events, brand specific training on material applications/installation, our business coach, and mentors to ensure we are putting team members we trust to provide the quality we demand of ourselves and our brand.

How Do You Communicate with Customers?
  • We like to communicate with the clients preferred method whether that be phone, email, text or in person meetings.

Is your guarantee in writing?
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